My name is Haley! I'm a makeup artist based out of Minneapolis, MN, and I've been doing makeup for 10+ years. My debut into the makeup world began at MAC Cosmetics in 2005, and I was lucky enough to be part of a creative, energetic, and talented team.  Eventually I moved on to another role, managing the cosmetic department for Nordstrom. This exposed me to many different brands and allowed me to live in multiple cities across the US. I got to enjoy some great Blues music down in St. Louis, MO and fell in love with "Uncle Silvio's Pizza" while living in Irvington, NY. 

On that same "things I love" list: my corgi, Frankie (come on- have you seen corgis fluffy butts?). Road trips out west while stopping at multiple National Parks along the way. Listening to some throw-back disco and Motown music, perhaps even a little Hall & Oates (often while on said road trips). John Cusack movies. Board games and champagne.

Clearly I have an eclectic array of loves. It's pretty fluid. That's how I feel about makeup too. It's always changing and evolving with trends, and likes or dislikes. The fun thing is collaborating with you about what you love. How you want to feel and look. That's where the magic happens.